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Take advantage of these resources utilized by some of the world's largest corporations and well known leaders. My clients pay more than $25,000 for me to come teach this content in person, and now you have access online. Michael has used this material to train groups such as Caesars Entertainment, BP Oil, Coca Cola, and The Wynn. Plus, he has coached great leaders such as Richard Branson, Naveen Jain and others through all of this material.... and now it is accessible to you!

What You Get

  • Results

    Experience healthier communication, greater efficiency, higher revenues and lower turnover in your organization

  • Increase

    Your team satisfaction, financial growth, brand recognition and personal satisfaction will all experience increase

  • Alignment

    Discover the unity and fulfillment that comes when you align every layer of your organization

  • Downloadable Resources

    Each module has downloadable resources for you to utilize. They are personal resources, resources for your team and much more.

  • Real Access

    Real access to our CEO and the network of great leaders who will walk with you and open doors as you reach for the next level

  • Group Coaching

    Regular Group Coaching sessions and strategy led by some great leaders and entrepreneurs

Course curriculum

What you will get in this course

  • 1
    How to utilize this course!
    • How to utilize the Alignment Blueprint Course
    • How To Navigate The Course Dashboard & Content
  • 2
    Module #1 - The Value of Aligned Leadership
    • Intro to The Blueprint
    • You - The Leader
    • Alignment Over Balance!
    • The Value of Healthy Leaders
    • Balance or Alignment?
    • Alignment brings Fulfillment
  • 3
    Module #2 - Tests & Systems
    • Intro to Module 2
    • The People behind the data
    • The Problem with Tests & Systems
    • Introspective Survey
    • Uncover Your 3 Words
    • Module 2 Summary
  • 4
    Module #3 - Process and People
    • Module 3 Intro
    • Process or People
    • The Importance of People
    • The Value of Process
    • Do You Have Balance?
    • The 4 Steps to Healthy People & Process
    • Why Alignment of People and Process Matter
    • BONUS: Discussion on People & Process
  • 5
    Module #4 - Know Your Self
    • Intro to Module 4
    • Why You Need To Know You!
    • Self Awareness as a practice
    • Becoming Self Aware
    • Doing the Personal SWOT Analysis
    • Personal SWOT Analysis
    • The Power of Being Self Aware
  • 6
    Module #5 - Know Your Team
    • Intro to Module #5
    • Communicating to develop relationships with accountability
    • Know Your Team, Know Your Future
    • Do You Know Your Team?
    • Leadership Follower Checkup
    • The power of relationships with your team
  • 7
    Module #6 - Align The Core
    • Module 6 Intro
    • Why Align The Core
    • How To Align The Core
    • How To Utilize A Leader Evaluation
    • The Leader Evaluation
    • The Power of Team Alignment
  • 8
    Module #7 - The Why
    • Intro to Module #7
    • It's all about the WHY
    • Why "Why"
    • Refine Your WHY
    • Making Your Why Count
  • 9
    Module #8 - Culture & Legacy
    • The Force of Culture
    • Culture & Legacy
    • Your Alignment Blueprint
    • How to Leverage Culture & Legacy

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“Michael's Alignment Blueprint has been a game changer. It has aligned and rebuilt our management. We have had far less turn over in staff and greater efficiency. Michael helped create unity, focus and productivity unlike any other resource we have utilized.”

Lindsay Claire, CPO of The WynnLindsay Claire, CPO of The Wynn

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